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At Lumoss Mouldings when we say latest product arrival, we don’t mean that we’ve just received a shipment of stock made in another country; we mean we designed a new product, we made the mould for that new product and we manufactured that product, in South Africa.

Very few companies have an onsite toolroom, but we are fortunate enough to be in this position and this is what separates us from our competition. Our toolroom is not only dedicated to ensuring our moulds remain in top working condition but is also dedicated to refreshing our range monthly. Our Managing Director guides the development of our ranges for both the promotional and retail industry and we are constantly adding new products to our catalogues, so watch out for our mailers!

If you have a product idea and can’t find a supplier; call or email us to get some more information on how you can have a custom moulded product delivered to your customers in 6 weeks or less that is made in South Africa and supports the growth of our economy.

Made in South Africa

As South Africans living in a developing economy where we spend our money and what companies we support means more and more to all of us. At Lumoss Mouldings we are truly “Made in South Africa”, all our products are manufactured onsite as well as branded onsite.

If you’d like to support South Africa’s manufacturing industry request a factory visit and show your customers how choosing Lumoss impacts over 100 employees’ lives, a great opportunity to meet the team that produces your orders from start to finish!