Our company

More than ever understanding who you choose to buy from and why is of paramount importance. Considering how valuable your decisions are as a consumer on a micro level as well as a macro level must now be the standard of how we operate within our South African economy. It is for this reason that we encourage you to consider Lumoss Mouldings as your first choice when sourcing promotional products.


Since 1985 we have been operating as a reliable manufacturer and printer of quality plastic promotional products. Our longevity within the industry is testimony to the faith that our customers have put in us to look after their reputation as well as that of their customers. As a company it is not only our customers that we value but also our ability to create employment within the South African manufacturing sector for as many people as possible.


Over the last 35 years we have fostered the growth of a large family of over 120 employees all under the guidance of our sole owner, managing director and leader, Julia Mack. Lumoss Mouldings is a company that focuses on this idea of family and human connection, using this as the basis for all operations whether quoting or staff training.


Over the years Lumoss Mouldings has evolved into a truly all-encompassing solution to any plastic promotional product requirement. Few companies have the ability to make this statement and it is because we are able to take an idea from a vision, to a CAD drawing, to a grown sample, to a mould, to product within a matter of weeks that we can. Our customers are not limited by colours, shipping times, quantities, nor product designs and this is why we offer the total solution to any plastic promotional item and it is thanks to our MD and her vision for this accomplishment.


The ability to create moulds in our own onsite toolroom is not our only accomplishment, we have over 200 existing moulds for our customers to choose from as well as an ability to manufacture these products in over 100 standard colours, probably the most extensive colour range within the industry. We offer injection moulded as well as blow moulded products, some of which we have multiple moulds for. This enables us to produce more than 10 000 units per day on certain lines, rivaling some the biggest names within the promotional industry.

Our clients trust our quality and branding capabilities. We offer pad printing, full colour direct digital printing, silk screen printing both by hand and machine, digital stickers as well as full colour dye sublimation printing. All in house and executed by highly trained staff members, some of which have been working for Lumoss since 1985.


Few companies have the privilege of being successful within an industry for over 35 years and when asked about this accomplishment, Julia Mack had this to say, “Our clients’ willingness to support local industry has kept us healthy. They realize the importance of local investment. Our products are always as good, and often better, than any import. And we know what works in the local context. If we invest in each other today, tomorrow will always be a pleasure.” We are proud of Lumoss Mouldings and the philosophy on which it has been built and we look forward to welcoming you into this proudly South African family.